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Literacy Section
1) In Quads Housing (sik widddit hood Artiscools pea jays)
2) Romantic Evening
3) A Chapter 1

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A Chapter 1

The mood is set, the flowers smells rare like a touch of soft texture, within the scent of softness is a touch of pleasure. That leaves day dreams of nice and slow, with flowin of pullin, grabbin and sweatin. With a warm breathe touching your neck that left a hand print on your butt. Then a gentle squeeze to the thighs to heighten the pleasure with a whisper in the ear saying it’s as smooth as leather. Fahrenheit temperature increases the biting to the neck. Slowly but surely your skirt comes off. As slowly as the sounds of the word buttery. A slowly down to the middle of your waist, your eyes close, but you can’t feel your face. The installation of the penetration, the information goes to the brain to do a translation of the frosting feeling great. Hot and steamy as the room becomes minty. Then the sheets becomes damp and sweaty like the internal midst of the sexual scent from the beginning. You wake from your imagination day dreamin then looks over and sees a present, you want to open it, but the wrapper on the outside triggers flash back memories. To one stroke stroking, tonguing and kissing, clothes flying off then hanging with no saying nothin only moaning. It’s the wording that’s exchanged that brings memories between the swopping of the spitting within the scratching and humming, once again. With the interest growing to becoming interesting, the complexity of saying continue please, with a mumbling scream with the slight sound of hmmm it feels good right there. To be continue…