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1) In Quads Housing (sik widddit hood Artiscools pea jays)
2) Romantic Evening
3) A Chapter 1

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Romantic Evening

Relax back, so I could massage your thighs to stimulate your mind. With warm baby oil easing down your spine while candles lit all around like me easing up slowly close to your ears then whispering that sends chills all over your body with a slight climax ready to burst out into tears. Then squeezing both your thighs with a gentle suck onto your ears then to your neck. Then easing to your lips, to lip lock our spit to taste how juicy it’s sweet. I goes deep in, to hear a slight hollering. Then pulling away with a slight biting to your lips to produce sweat in the air like vapor breaths touch lust with no fuss circulating saying it’s just love. Addicted to each other, who could tell the differences between a climb to the max to the highest climax. Multiple organisms to the highest extinct until it’s no more drips. As you rest, I finish it with my lips, then rubbing your hips, to leave the thoughts he’s just quenching his thirst. When it’s all over we lay down and watch tv with our arms wrapped around each other, so we could feel more love and fall asleep peacefully.