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1) Conflicts In The Sik Widddit

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Conflicts In The Sik Widddit
Two-Won Won went to Hot 77 Point Power 102, with DJ Fine As and did an interview speaking on how The Sik Widddit pea jays artists and djs is more official than anywhere else because they have the best battles & he’s the best out of everybody in The Sik Widddit pea jays… Then he went into details about how I Ain’t Init was in his class when he taught in the pea jays and how it was many others in the class and DJ Fine As was the principal and she was his boss. While everybody else was below them as if they was giving them low low, but was learning a great deal.

Then he went on and started rhyming and said “I could be heartless, fatality bitterness, if I Ain’t Init wanna see my brutalness, copying off me is foolishness, trying this, straight diss, it’s almost like a sickness, why would anybody wanna try cripple ness, it’s stupid ness, stupidity ness, petty ness, my righteousness will leave y’all completely helpless, it’s ridiculous and sillyness, thinking y’all got skills for disses, 3 pointau shots goes swish and no misses, all net and people piss, nobody told y’all to play and get dissed, can y’all sit on da bench and sht bricks, y’all wanna claim hotness, but has no originalness, y’all quite old, and can’t keep up with my realness.” Then I Ain’t Init said a rhyme, but due to him copyrighting each word in a sequence, it can’t be said in this Artiscool. Only DJ Sexy As can place it out according to I Ain’t Init, but he left the chorus where news reporters could put it out. He states to Two-Won Won, I ain’t about shit, teaching shit, don’t ask me about shit, teaching shit and repeats it’s twice, then dropped the mic and left the radio station.

Will Sik Widddit pea jays take over the biz, will there be hotter artists that will come about and battle each other to take the audience from away from The Sik Widddit pea jays, what y’all think? Is The Sik Widddit pea jays the sickest around, according to Two-Won Won it is.