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A Kid Named Lit story
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In Quads Housing

On the outside housing of sik widddit hood Artiscools pea jays is a building called Quads Housing. Get Burnt and Jace was chilling in the house and Get Burnt said “Yo Jace was you listening to that new joint by I Ain’t Init. Son did a new song called Dat Shiz Seems Heck Did. He battling Two-Won Won, I don’t know how they ended up battling, but DJ Fine As played a track by Two-Won Won and he just out of nowhere dissed I Ain’t Init, so I Ain’t Init went to Power 102 Point Hot 77 and did a freestyle while DJ Sexy As was djing. Son left the booth, but he said my name is I Ain’t Init, don’t involve me in it, I’m staying out of it, I’m negative twenty-two, something like Emmit breaking running back records, but Bo Jackson, I speak wit au act cent, I smell your scent, from a distance, it don’t make no sense, like that, that’s decent, I’m from The Sik Widddit, I leave enemies hanging by da rope, on my tightrope, running back down the sidelines…; he said some fire stuff after that. I got’s to hear what Two-Won Won going to come back with, because he from over here too. As well as DJ Sexy As and DJ Fine As.” So Get Burnt said “word, I Ain’t Init battling Two-Won Won huh, that’s going to be a good battle. I guess they locking things up, ain’t much going on in the biz anyway, we got the hotness artists over here anyway.” So Jace said “true true… yo hold up turn the radio up, it sounds like DJ Sexy As dissing DJ Fine As. I don’t know which female would win in a mixing battle between them, but yo turn it up. So DJ Sexy As says “DJ Fine As copying of my as. I had my as longer than her, she’s copying off of me. She spelled fine wrong. She know she meant to spell it as ef ah enn deah, not with an eh. She know she dropped out of pre-k when she was 22 years old like yo go finish school, yo it’s good to have an education. Yo I’m not going to diss her, I don’t want anybody listening to this station think I’m dissing or anything, I just was saying she spelled her name wrong and I heard from somebody I don’t know who, I forgot, I heard she was in pre-k until she was 22 years of age and then was like forget it, then dropped out. I’m just saying, I think she should go back to school, an education is good to have, that’s all I’m saying. Yo I’m leaving the radio, next up is DJ Got Burnt, later y’all.” Then she left the radio and commercials came on.

So Jace was like yo Get Burnt it looks like you going to be in that later on. Then Get Burnt was like nah, Got Burnt knows he don’t want to get burnt, yo turn the station to Hot 77 Point Power 102. I wonder what DJ Fine As going say, she’s on for a hour too.” So Jace was like, alright, give me a second. When he got to the station, DJ Fine As was talking. And Get Burnt was like yo turn the radio up, what’s going on, I got’s to hear that. So as he turned the volume up, DJ Fine As was like, yo DJ Sexy As, I know you ain’t trying to blaze, you in healing vapor, 1st of all how do you get high off of vapor cigarettes, it’s just don’t make no sense, yo know I ain’t dropped out of pre-k at no 22 years of age. You got some jokes, you a funny dummy, my as is just fine, my as is from mixing, you know you misspelled your as, who you spelt with for you become a dj, but you want to speak on facts, yeah y’all who listening to this radio station, I going to kick a fact, Hot 77 Point Power 102 was here 1st, which means I was here 1st. She’s a fan and she knows she telling me I’m sexy as fine as I looks, but don’t want to just ask for an autograph, djs ask djs for djs autographs all the time, Got Burnt asked Get Burnt for an autograph 22 days ago. I read about it on Dossip 2 weeks ago. If you want an autograph you could always ask DJ Fine As for an autograph girl just like Got Burnt asked Get Burnt for autograph, yo I know y’all want to hear some music so, here’s the song for today, This Is Why I’m Hot…;” To be continue…