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It’s Not What It Seems

It’s 105 degrees in Arizona, and Devin not used to it being that hot outside. Selena was outside talking on the phone minding her business. Devin decided to go in the house to get a cup of water to throw it in his face. After he got his cup of water, he went back outside to try to find a spot where he could throw the water in his face. As Devin was setting up the best spot to wet himself, when he first looked at Selena, she was a distance away from him. He heard her getting an attitude with somebody on the phone, and wasn’t paying too much attention to it because it was too hot to want to listen to it.

When he found a spot, she got mad with the person on the phone and decided to walk in the house. Devin back was towards her, as she was passing, he didn’t know she was passing behind him, so when he threw the water in his face she got wet and her phone. Then she caught an attitude with him, so he got mad and said, “It only was a little bit of water in the cup, just a little bit…” Selena started to yell at Devin because her phone was broke and decided to take out her frustration on him for what took place on the phone.

Devin was still hot and he tried to tell Selena that the water didn’t do much damage to her phone and wanted to get out the conversation because she was talking about her phone being broke. Devin tried to tell her it was a mistake, but she didn’t want to listen and wanted to continue to yell; so, Devin took the cup and threw what was left in the cup into her face and said, “Shut up and cool off, sheesh… You need to cool off, gosh.” So, Selena got mad and chased him. It was too hot to be running around, so Devin got mad, and while he was running from her, he threw the plastic cup at her, so Selena said, “Oh! Word word okay…” So, she went in the house. Devin decided to chill outside for a little while so she could calm down, but he didn’t really want to be outside because he needed more water to throw in his face. So about 20 minutes passed, and Devin went in the house, as he was entering, she threw a bucket of water in his face and it caught him off guard, then she said “You cool off!” Then she slammed the bucket on the floor and then said “What now? Ya wanted water, ya got it!” So, Devin said “Oh… Oh… Okay thank you."

She decided to go to her room and fix her phone as he stood there thinking what he could do. Devon stood there in shock, he couldn’t believe she took a bucket of water and threw it at him because he threw a plastic cup at her and threw a little bit of water in her face. After about a few minutes of thinking about it and being drenched, the entrance to the house needed to be mopped. Devin thought about it and said to himself, “I know she don’t expect me to mop this up.” So, he went to her room and asked nicely can she mop the water off the floor, and she said “No, you do it.” So, then he just looked at her and then she said, “Yeah? Don’t you see me on the phone?” Then he said “Okay…” Devin decided to walk away nice and calm, as he was walking away, he could hear her talking about it on the phone bragging about it to her friends and was laughing.

Devin thought about it for a little while, then decided to go outside and get the hose, then went back in the house and into Selena room and shot her with a lot of water. As she got wet, she became mad and decided to charge him. So, he decided to drop the hose and run, right after he dropped the hose, she picked it up, and ran after him to shoot. In a short period of time, he got outside and turned the hose off. When she realized it got turned off, she paused and Devin decided to go back in the house and into the kitchen to gather cups of water and place it in different spots around the house. Then he decided to go back in her room and said, “Is you okay Selena?” Then Selena said “I’m going to beat you up for that,” and ran after him. Devon started running and as she was chasing him, he decided to run to cups of water hidden in different spots around the house. She didn’t know he had a bunch of cups of water gathered around the house, as he ran by it, he grabbed the cup close to him and threw the water at her.

As she continued to run after him, he ran to different spots of the house, and grabbed cups of water and threw it at her and said “Refill that.” After about ten minutes, she realized he done set her up, Selena decided to stop running after him. When she stopped running after him, he got worried, and said “Are we even yet, I don’t want to play no more.” She ignored him and went about her business. After about twenty minutes, Devin realized she left the house, so he decided to clean up. One hour later, Selena comes back in the house with her friends and Devin said “I cleaned up, you didn’t have to clean up, I did that for you.” Then Selena friends laughed, then Selena said “Thank you.” Devin said “Is we even?” Selena said “Hmm hmm.” Then Devin said “Thank you, I’m going in my girl room. Oops, I mean my friend room.” When he got to the room, he watched television. The phone rings, and Devin said “Hello, whose speaking?” Trina said “It’s me, I’m coming to the house with my friends to play spades. Is the house clean?” Devon said “Yeah.” Then Trina said “Okay, I’ll talk to you later.” Then Devin hanged up the phone and continued looking at television. As Devin was looking at television, Selena came in the room with her three friends, one of her friends had the hose, another had 2 cups of water and the third friend had a bucket of water. Devin looked over to the hidden cups of water he placed in the room for just in case purposes, then looked back at them and said “What is y’all about to do with that water?” Selena said “After this, how you going to explain what happened to this room?”

One of Selena friends with the bucket of water said “Nah, just clean it up. We’ll call the lady of this room, and tell her to take a long time to come home.” Devin said “Wait! Selena, I thought you said we was even.” Selena said “Yeah, we even, but you odd. You played odds and evens before? Right!” Then Devin said “Hold on, I have to use the bathroom.” Then Selena friend with the hose started to shoot him. As he got wet, Devin tried to get to the spots where his cups of water were at, but things started to get crazier with all of them throwing water on him. He realized the cups was behind the television, and when he went to go get it, the television got wet. He grabs the cups of water and throws it their face, where they can’t see too well. Then the girl with the hose, said “I can’t see…” Then she shot Selena and her hair got wet. Selena caught an attitude because she just got her hair done.

As Selena and her friend Christina argued, Devin managed to grab them and pour water onto them. Selena other friend Erica, looked at them for a second, and then started to pour water on Devin, but in the process of trying to wet him, she wetted Selena and Christina. Christina said “My Hair! Oh My God!” Then Selena said “He trying to take the hose! To wet our hair! Get him!” Devin starts to laugh and said “Let me do y’all hair, I have to get it wet first! Get me the hose!” Then they start wrestling on the bed, while water splashing everywhere. As they were wrestling with each other, Trina walks into the house and goes to her room then sees her boyfriend, her daughter and her daughter friends on top of each other. Trina looks for a second, then said “What is going on here? Why y’all on top of him?” They stopped what they doing and Devin said “I know what your thinking and it’s nothing like that…” He looks over and sees their shirts wet, then said “Trina, babe, darling I was minding my business and they charge me in the room.” Selena stands up and said “Pardon my shirt mom, but he threw water on my phone earlier today and almost broke it.” Devin said “Wait up, that’s not true, I was trying to throw water in my face and I didn’t know she was passing…” Trina stops them from speaking and said “Clean this up, I really don’t want to hear what happened. I brought guest over with me.” Devin said “Okay, don’t get mad, I’ll fix everything with their help, but It’s not what it seems.”