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The Dealership

At a dealership where cars sold, in the back of the store, the Creative Director and Owner was talking to their team, and as they were talking, one was like we got a car, that can’t be displayed nor purchased, and it’s ahead of its time, so another was like, we have to test it to see, if it’s as good as we made it to be, so as they thought for a couple of minutes, it gotten really quiet. A second person was like, I’ve been working on the car, so I could test it, then the Creative Director said, if you get caught driving it, it’s going to be a case, and we can’t risk the government getting it, and besides, the car needs two people in it to operate things, if you one, then I guess I could be the other in the car. The Owner says, “Y’all have to make the news, s we here could hear what reporters say about the car.

So, Allen says, Yo, Value, who will drive and who will operate the mechanics? Value says “It really doesn’t matter because we need each other help to pull this off anyway.” Allen says, “Well, I guess things could get intense pretty quick, once law enforcement steps in the picture.” Value says, “Yep, but that’s not even the half of it, because we gonna be in the car for a while, so whether the air conditioner on or not, our hands may get uncontrollable sweaty and we may even start laughing at certain things, then lose focus and a mistake might take place and we can’t risk that.” So, Allen says, “Ya know what, I didn’t even think of that.” So, Allen thinks about it and then says, “Well, do you want to drive or operate the mechanics?” Value says, “To be honest with you, I really don’t know because I know how to do both, but in an intense case I really don’t know, if I’m able to do either so well as the other. How about you?”

Allen says, “I know both too,” then he laughs. The Owner says, do anybody disagrees with Allen Value being the two to operate the car and come forward.” Everybody says “Sht, that’s some intense sht.” The Owner says, “Well, do anybody wants to do it, and believes y’all could do it or wants to do it?” A person says, “I would do it, but somebody needs to be on the walkie talky headset, because once it makes the news, law enforcement not gonna be thinking, that we and channel 1 will be on their scanner, like, although we here and not in the vehicle with them, we still have to watch all the channels and be on the scanner. I’ll be the lieutenant on what they should know, so we’ll all have something to do, you the Owner, Mr. Robinson, they don’t know who will drive and do the mechanics as well as all of nervous as well as them two.” So, Mr. Robinson says, “We’ll be fine, we only nervous about things because we just talking about it, and Allen will drive and Value will operate the mechanics, and if anyone of them gets a cramp in their hands, finger or whatever, they could switch spots by the Velocity Rotate Action Script Clever Lever Button.” All talks for a little while longer, debating with each other, getting their plans and improvising option sorted out.

Then Allen gets in the driver seat, then Value gets in the mechanics seat, then they start to drive. The car leaves the dealership, one hour in driving 100 mph through the streets and onto the highway while many law enforcement vehicles behind them, they get to a road block, then the car stops and turns into a car plane and flies off in the air and skies. One hour later, Air Force planes following them and demanding them to land, they get away from areas where buildings at and over the waters, and missiles start flying. They fly into the water into hostile territories, one hour later, submarines around them and they get to an area of au lot bombs floating underwater, and submarines fire torpedoes and they head towards the bombs, then one of them in the vehicle pressed the click, then they teleport back to the dealership and the Owner says, “Hurry up out the car, we have to turn this place into a library.”