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The 100th Hit

Chapter 1

Ciara was sitting in detention with her friend Kimberly, and Ciara says “Our teacher Mr. Adam says I need to do an activity because I be in detention too much.” Then Kimberly looks at her and says “Won’t you join the cheerleading team and cheer for our school. I think that would be a good activity.” Then Ciara says “That’s cool, but that don’t seem all that interesting. I want to do something that gets my adrenaline rushin and I shouldn’t really be doing.” Kimberly looks up towards the clock and says “Well, it’s 5 o’clock, detention over. I don’t know what activity this school got that could get your adrenaline flowin, but we got’s to come up with another area to chill at, for when we cut classes. I’m tired of getting caught.” Ciara stands up and places her books in her bag, then says “Yeah, we need to do that, but I think I should find an activity to do because after school, I goes home and does nothing and be bored.” Kimberly stands up, then says “Won’t you come with me to cheerleading practice.” Then Ciara says “Nah, I’m just going to go downtown to pick up some clothes.” Kimberly says “Well, I could skip practice, after all I am a cheerleader captain. I’ll go with you downtown.” After they finish talking, they leave the class.

As they leaving the class a kid walks up close to Kimberly. Kimberly turns around and says “Yo Cool-Slice, you can’t be walking up on me from behind.” Then Ciara says “Hey, what you been up to?” Kimberly looks at Ciara and says “He scared the shit out of me.” Then she laughs. Cool-Slice looks at Ciara and says “I just been playing football; I joined the football team last week. It looks like y’all heading somewhere, where y’all heading?” Ciara says “We heading downtown to find something interesting to get into.” Kimberly looks at Ciara, and says “I thought we was going to pick up some clothes?” Ciara says “Yeah we going to do that too, and see if I could find an activity to get into down there.” Cool-Slice says “That’s cool, I have to leave, I’ll check y’all out later.” Ciara says “Won’t you come with us; we need a guy with us to protect us.” Cool-Slice says “Well, I guess I could skip practice today, it is kinda hot to be practicing in this heat.” Kimberly says “We could take my car.”

When they get outside, a kid walks up to Cool-Slice and says “Hey Cool-Slice, practice starts in a half hour. You better go to the locker room and change.” Cool-Slice thinks for a second, then says “I’m not gong to practice, but these two girls are my friends. That’s Kimberly and the other one is Ciara. Y’all this my friend Russell.” Ciara says “Hello, you on the football team too?” Russell says “Yeah, but you look familiar from somewhere, I think I know you. What’s your boyfriend name?” Ciara says “I don’t have a boyfriend.” Russell says “That’s cool, because I don’t have a girlfriend.” Cool-Slice looks at Russell and says “Is you going to try to talk to her now? I thought you was heading to practice?” Kimberly looks at Cool-Slice and laughs, then says “That’s how he talks to girls?” Ciara then says “It’s cool, I thought he saying me looking familiar and asking if I have a boyfriend was funny. He had me going though.” Russell says “Well, I think I will go with y’all, and skip practice too with Cool-Slice; so I could get to know Ciara better. Where y’all heading?” Cool-Slice says “You in your football gear, what you going to do? Change your clothes real quick? While the coaches near the locker room.” Russell says “I’ll go like this if you don’t mind Ciara.” Ciara says “It’s cool with me. We heading downtown.”

They leave and gets in Kimberly car, and drives off from the school. As they in the car, Ciara looks over to Russell and says “So, what’s the name of the football team?” Russell looks back at her and says “Ruckus Bringers, Fleet Knox High School Ruckus Bringers. It’s a cool name, I play quarterback. Cool-Slice plays Defensive Back, better known as Free Safety. I don’t mean to change the topic, but why you don’t have a boyfriend? If you don’t mind me asking.” Ciara looks over to him and says “Well, my last boyfriend cheated on me, so we broke up.” Russell says “Well, I’m not a cheater, so if we got together, you wouldn’t have to worry about me doing that to you.” Ciara smiles. Cool-Slice looks back at them from the front seat, and says “For the last five minutes, I been seeing some poster that keeps appearing everywhere I look, we should check it out.” Kimberly says while driving, “We don’t have the time for stopping over here. It’s no parking spaces, besides we might see that that poster downtown anyway. I been seeing it too.”

They drive for five more minutes, then arrives downtown. Ciara looks around and says “It’s pack down here, I don’t think you going to find a parking spot down here. We could put our money together and pay for a parking spot in a parking lot.” Cool-Slice says “I’ll pay for it; I got some money.” Kimberly says “That’s sweet of you Cool-Slice.” Cool-Slice says “It’s not a problem, I see a parking lot we could park in up the block. Russell says “I would help you out Cool-Slice with the parking lot fee, but all my money in my pants pockets, and that’s in my locker at the football field.” Cool-Slice says “I got it Russell.” Russell says “Yeah, you say that now, but they way it looking down here with so many people down here, the fee for the parking spot suppose to be $15. I wouldn’t be shocked if the fee went up. It looks like something going on down here. We should check it out.”

They get to the parking lot, and the fee to park the car is $20. Cool-Slice pays, then they park the car. As they leaving the parking lot, Cool-Slice asks a person where everybody going, and the person says “The Wep Tournament ending today, and the last matches today. And they doing the sign up today for it and in five months it begins again. The sign up is only three days, and today the last day.” Then the person walks off.

Ciara says “Her, I want to join that, I could fight. Yo y’all lets go there and check it out.” Kimberly says “Okay, lets go.” They get to the entrance of the tournament and have to pay $10 each to get in. Kimberly says “Oh… We don’t have $10 to get in. I couldn’t ask Cool-Slice to pay for us again. He’s not my boyfriend.” Cool-Slice walks over to Kimberly and says “Do you think your boyfriend would pay for y’all?” Kimberly says “I honestly don’t know, because I don’t have a boyfriend; but if I did have one, and he paid for the parking lot and then this was the case, I probably wouldn’t ask of him to pay for me and my friends again…” Cool-Slice says “Well, you should be my girlfriend and see if your boyfriend do that for you.” Kimberly smiles and laughs a little, then says “Is you trying to ask me to be your girlfriend Cool-Slice?” Cool-Slice smiles, then says “I’m not trying to ask anything of you. All I’m suggesting is you play out a fantasy of you having a boyfriend.” Kimberly says “With you as my boyfriend?” Cool-Slice says “Yeah, it’s only a fantasy thing,” Kimberly looks at Ciara and says “How bad you want to go in there?” Ciara says “Well, I’m curious of it and what’s going on inside.” Kimberly says “Well Cool-Slice, I’ll play out the fantasy for my friend Ciara, so can you pay for us again? If you got the money for us.” Cool-Slice smiles, then says “Sure honey, I got the money for us.”

They gets in the entrance and enters the lobby, Cool-Slice walks over to Kimberly and says “Can I have a kiss for doing something nice, sweetheart?” Kimberly looks down and laughs, then looks back at Cool-Slice, then gives him a kiss on his cheeks. Cool-Slice touches his right cheek and says “Can I give you a kiss back?” Kimberly turns her head, so he could kiss her on her right cheek. He looks at her for a second, then says “I want to give you a peck on your lips, would that be okay with you?” Kimberly says “A kiss on my lips?” Cool-Slice says “Yeah, it’s a harmless peck on your lips. You do have some soft looking lips, I just want my lips to touch your lips because your lips looks like it’s real suckilum soft. And to be honest with you, I been wanting to see if your lips as soft as it looks. It probably taste sweet too, but that’s what I think.” Kimberly smiles, then looks at Ciara and says “Do you think I should let him give me a kiss on my lips?” Ciara looks around and wasn’t really paying attention to Kimberly, and says “I guess, if you like him too…” Kimberly says “Okay, just one kiss, I’m not sure if I like you like that, but since you paid your money, you could have a kiss.” Cool-Slice says “Okay, we just paying out if I was your boyfriend, that’s all.” It’s only a little fantasy.” Kimberly says “Well, if you say so. You look like you trying to be my boyfriend. Be honest for a second, is you to be my boyfriend?” Cool-Slice smiles, then says “Well, that would be nice. A guy should feel lucky with you. If you was my girlfriend, I would do anything for you.” Kimberly smiles, then says “Hmmm…” Cool-Slice says “So can I kiss you now, would that be okay?” Kimberly says “Yes.” Cool-Slice gets ready to kiss her and closes his eyes, then kisses her for five seconds, then pulls away, then looks at Russell. Russell looks back at him smiling, then says “I know I ain’t dressed right for the occasion.” Kimberly walks over to Ciara and says “Lets go look around, we be back y’all.” Cool-Slice says “We should stay together, y’all our ride back to the school.” Kimberly says “We want to talk, girl talk.” Cool-Slice says “Okay, just call us when y’all want to meet up. We could meet up by the entrance.” Kimberly says “Okay.” Then rushes off pulling Ciara with her.

After Kimberly rushes Ciara off into the crowd, Russell says “Smooth, that it was son.” Then he laughs, then says “Is you trying to make her your girlfriend? You could tell me son.” Cool-Slice says “Well… I don’t see why not I shouldn’t do that. I think so…” Russell says “You think? From my perspective, it looks like it’s a yes. And I only say that because you want to play out a fantasy with her. It’s a yes, right son?” Cool-Slice says “Yeah, since you put it like that, I guess so, but it is what it is.? Russell says “You probably will get her as your girlfriend. Kissing on the lips is some shiz. So we in here, lets walk around, maybe we’ll run back into them before we leave together or they call.” Cool-Slice says “Yeah, that is a good idea. Lets walk that way away from them, then we’ll walk in their direction.”

As Kimberly continue to rush Ciara through the crowd, Ciara says “Hold up! I’m trying to look at two fight each other over there. Why you rushing me again? And where’s Cool-Slice and his friend?” Kimberly stops and says “They said they want to walk around without us.” She looks at two fighters fight and says “They fighting with weapons, you ain’t never fight with a weapon before. Is this something you still want to do?” Ciara says “Why not? This definitely would get my adrenaline flowin. Lets go sign up over there.” As they walking to the sign up table, Ciara says “I wasn’t paying you a lot attention when we entered here, correct me if I’m wrong. Did you and Cool-Slice kiss on the lips?” Kimberly laughs a little, then says “We was pretending we was boyfriend and girlfriend.” They get in line at the sign in desk and as they patently waits, Ciara says “So did you like the kiss?” Kimberly says “It don’t matter because it was for pretend.” Ciara looks at her and says “You had to like it because you skipping a simple yes or no question. Be honest with me, he’s not around and I’m not going to say nothing. Did you like it?” Kimberly says “Well… Yeah. He’s kinda cute…” Ciara says “Yeah we next in line, we’ll talk about this later.”

The person at the desk says “Next, how may I help you?” Ciara says “I want to join this fighting tournament. How can I do that?” The person at the desk says “You’ll be the first girl to join. There’s no girls in this tournament. Everybody accepted and you can join. Ciara says “Yes, I want to do that.” The person at the desk says “Here ago some papers of the rules. To give you a brief explanation of it, you have to represent something like a company, martial arts gym or something of your choice. This tournament uses weapons. Each fighter have to have his or her own weapon, meaning no sharing or using the same weapon as another fighter. You’ll need a coach, you can’t enter without a coach. The other stuff is on the information forms I gave you.” Ciara says “That’s it? How would y’all know if I’m counted in the tournament as a fighter?” The person at the desk says “Your coach will have to meet with us in two months saying what weapon you using, what he or she representing and the name of that coach fighter. Everything you need to know is on the rules and information papers I gave you.” Ciara looks at the papers, then places it in her bag. Kimberly says “Lets go find Cool-Slice and his friend.”

As they walking from the desk, Ciara says “I need to find a coach and a company to represent. I really don’t know how I’m going to do that, but there go Cool-Slice and his friend.” Cool-Slice walks over to Kimberly and says “Is y’all ready to leave?” Kimberly says “Yeah, we could leave.” They leave the Wep Tournament and go back to the car. As they standing outside the car by each door, Ciara looks at Kimberly and says “How can I find a coach to me karate?” Russell says “Karate?!” Ciara says “Yeah, karate.” Cool-Slice says “You joined that fighting league?” Ciara says “Yep, is that a problem?” Russell says “But they use weapons, do you know how to fight professionally with a weapon?” Ciara says “No, but I could learn.” Kimberly says “Yeah that fighting league uses weapons, but she could learn how to fight with one professionally. It may sound kind of crazy for Ciara to do, but I support her.” Russell says “I support her too, but as me and Cool-Slice was there, we seen one fighter jump up and do around house kick with a whip or rope wrapped around their opponent neck, and when that fighter foot connected to their opponent head… Ahhh maannn, that league is kinda brutal, but I support you. You can do anything, if you put your mind to it.” Ciara says “Thank you, I could fight too. I don’t know if I could do around house kick, but all I have to do is a find me a coach who will teach me these things.” Cool-Slice looks at Ciara and says “I support you too.” Then they leave.

Chapter 2

The next day, Ciara was sitting in the lunchroom by herself thinking, Mr. Adam walked over to her and says “So Ciara, did you find an activity to get yourself into?” Ciara looked at Mr. Adam and says “Yeah, I joined a fighting league called The Wep Tournament, but I can’t fight in it unless I represent something and find a coach.” Mr. Adam says “You joined The Wep Tournament? Is girls allowed to join?” Ciara says “Yes.” Mr. Adam says “How serious is you with doing this?” Ciara says “Pretty serious, why you ask?” Mr. Adam says “My friend is a coach, but his fighter just got disqualified to fight because he was 16 years old. A fighter have to be between the ages of 17 and 25. How old are you Ciara?” Ciara says “I just turned 17, but I don’t know karate and don’t have a weapon to use. And the rules says I can’t use a weapon that’s being used already by a fighter. I’m quite sure it’s no weapon I could find to use, that’s not being used already.” Mr. Adam sits down and says “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Have a little faith that you’ll find a weapon. If you want a coach, meet me after school tomorrow. I’ll give my friend Ezume a call tonight to set up a meeting with you and him tomorrow.” Ciara says “Thank you Mr. Adam, but I have to represent something also. I’m not apart of a no martial arts gym…” Mr. Adam says “In time we’ll find something you could represent. Just take a step at a time. Meet a coach and see how that turnout; then later on find a place you could represent.” Ciara says “Okay, I’ll take a step at a time and pace myself with this process.” Mr. Adam stands up, then looks down towards her and says “Yeah, do that, don’t stress yourself over what you don’t have yet, instead be happy with what you have so far. You meeting with a coach tomorrow.” Ciara says “Thank you so much Mr. Adam.” Mr. Adam says “You welcome, just present yourself as a good listener and could be trained tomorrow and everything will work out well later on.” Then he walks off.

As Ciara sitting at the lunch table, Kimberly walks over to her and sit down, then says “What you and Mr. Adam was talking about?” Ciara says he may have gotten me a coach.” As Kimberly and Ciara talking, a girl walks over to them and says “What’s up Kim and Ci?” They turns their heads and says “What’s up Milian?” Milian sits down next to Kimberly and says “Why you wasn’t at practice yesterday?” Kimberly says “I went with Ciara to sign up to a fighting league. She needed my support, so I supported her.” Milian says “I know she knows how to fight, but a fighting league… Where at?” Ciara says “Downtown, I got’s to fight with weapons and I have to represent something like a company or a martial arts gym.” Milian looks at Ciara, then looks at Kimberly, then says “So, what’s the lastest gossip around the school?” Kimberly looks at Milian, then looks at Ciara, then says “Should I tell her about me and Cool-Slice?” Milian says “What happened? I want to know…” Ciara says “Well, you could tell her, but if you tell her, she going to say you mine as well make him your boyfriend.” Milian says “I’m not going to say that, I think…” Kimberly looks at Milian, then says “You can’t tell nobody okay.” Milian says “Okay, I’ll keep my lips sealed. So what happened?” Kimberly says “We was pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and in the mix of that our lips touched each other for a little while.” Milian smiles, then says “Y’all lips touched each other… That sounds like y’all kissed. You kissed him?” Kimberly says “Yeah, we kissed.” Milian says “So did you like it?” Kimberly smiles, then says “Yeah, a little.” Milian says “So, is y’all going to date? He is a good catch, and he’s on the football team.” Kimberly says “I don’t know, I’m thinking about it.” The bell rings, then they stands up and Ciara says “I was thinking about talking to Cool-Slice friend.” Milian says “Who, Russell?” Ciara laughs a little, then says “How you know? You pin pointed it.”Milian says “I heard about it through Cool-Slice talking to him in the hallways, and that’s his only friend. Our lockers right next to each other and Russell said something about a girl he seen yesterday that he want to talks to.” Ciara says “Oh…, but yeah I was thinking about dating him, he seem kind of cool. Do you know about him?” Milian says “He’s a cool guy, I haven’t heard nothing bad about him.” A teacher walks over to them and says “Y’all have to leave and go to y’all next class.” Kimberly looks at the teacher and says “Okay, we leaving right now.” They leave the lunchroom and heads to their classes.

As Ciara waiting outside her class leaning on the wall, Kimberly calls her on the phone, Ciara picks up and says “Hello, what’s up Kim?” Kimberly says “Milian got a substitute teacher we could cut class there.” Ciara says “That’s cool, who’s the substitute teacher for that class?” Kimberly says “Ms. Cohens, she mad cool though.” Ciara says “Okay, I’m on my way.” She gets to the class, then walks in and sits behind Kimberly and on the side of Milian. The teacher Ms. Cohens closes the classroom door and says “Since Mr. Parker not in today, I will give y’all a free period, but if y’all talk, keep y’all voices down.” Then she goes to sit down at the desk and reads a book. Ciara taps Kimberly on the shoulder and says “Turn your table around so we could be facing each other.” Kimberly says “Okay.” She raised her hand, and Ms. Cohens says “Do you have a question?” Kimberly says “Would it be okay to turn my desk around to talk to my friends?” Ms. Cohens says “Yeah, just put the desk back to how it was when the class is over.” Kimberly says “Okay.” Then turns the table around quietly. Ciara looks over to Milian and says “That’s a nice chain around your neck. Where you get it from?” Milian says “I got it from House of Fine Gold on 7th Lane.” Kimberly says “That looks nice, how much it cost?” Milian says “I paid $20 for it.” Kimberly says “I need to get one, that looks real nice.” Milian says “Thank you. Ciara looks at Kimberly and says “That teacher is pretty cool Kim. She gave us a free period.” Kimberly says “Yeah, she is right? She used to be my teacher last year for English.” Milian says to Ciara, “So, is you going to make Russell your boyfriend?” Ciara says “To be honest, I don’t know yet. I’m still thinking about it.” Milian says “I love playing in my wings and makeup, but what I love most is feeling beautiful when I take it off. I think I’m cute without it.” Kimberly says “Is you wearing makeup now?” Milian says “No, not really. I just got lip gloss on right now and Victoria Secret fragrance too, their fragrance be smelling good.” Ciara says “I wear Victoria Secret fragrance too, their fragrance be smelling good.” Kimberly says “Yeah, it do be smelling good. I was wearing it yesterday, that’s probably why Cool-Slice wanted to kiss me.” Ciara says “Probably, or he could just like you, for you being you.”

Kimberly says “Maybe, I should ask him what made him want to kiss me yesterday.” Milian says “You should ask him, like after class.” Then she laughs a little. Ciara says “I’ll go with you after class to ask him.” Kimberly says “I would, but I don’t know what class he got next.” Ciara says “We could walk through the halls until we find him.” Kimberly says “Okay, both of y’all coming with me?” Ciara says “Yeah.” Milian says “Yeah.” The bell rings, Milian says “Is you nervous Kim?” Kimberly says “Well, I would be if y’all wasn’t coming with me.” Ms. Cohens says “Kimberly, don’t forget to turn the desk back to how it was.” Kimberly says “Oh, okay.” Then she turns the table around. Ciara, Kimberly and Milian walks out the class, looking for Cool-Slice.

As they walking through the hallways, they finally comes across Cool-Slice. Kimberly says “Hey Cool-Slice, can I ask you a question?” He says “Sure, what’s up?” She says “What made you want to kiss me yesterday?” He laughs, then says “Well, to be honest with you, you was smelling good and dressed really nice. And I liked you for a while. May I ask you why you let me kiss you?” Kimberly says “I don’t know, I guess you kinda cute too.” Cool-Slice says “We should pretend again, if you don’t want the real thing.” Kimberly says “You funny.” Cool-Slice says “I think we would make a nice couple. Can I be your boyfriend?” Kimberly says “What would make you a good boyfriend to me?” Cool-Slice says “I’m faithful and would cherish every moment together with you. I wouldn’t do nothing to hurt you.” Kimberly says “That’s nice, Ciara do you think I should make him my boyfriend?” Ciara says “He says he’ll cherish every moment with you. That’s a good thing. He seems like he really likes you.” Kimberly says “Do you really like me?” Cool-Slice says “Yeah.” Kimberly says “Okay, we could date.” As Kimberly and Cool-Slice talks, Russell comes over and says “Hey Cool-Slice, we got a half day, why is you still in school? And hello Ciara.” Ciara says “Hi.” Cool-Slice says “I was trying to get extra credit for an assignment I had to do. I couldn’t finish it at home, so I finished in the lunchroom and had to do some other stuff with it.”

Russell says “Oh, that sounds cool. So Ciara, how’s your karate thing going?” Ciara says “I may have a coach, I suppose to meet my coach tomorrow.” Russell says “That’s good.” Cool-Slice says “Oh pardon me, Russell this Milian, She’s apart of the cheerleading team with Kimberly.” Russell says “Hello.” Milian says “Hi, so I hear you like my friend Ciara.” Russell says “Yeah, I think she’s cute.” Ciara says “You think I’m cute?” Russell says “Yeah, I would ask you to be my girlfriend, but I don’t know if you like all-star football players.” Ciara laughs a little, then says “All-star football players? You an all-star?” Russell says “Yeah, I’m a captain, but do you like football players?” Ciara says “Yeah they cool, but you think I wouldn’t like football players?” Russell says “I don’t know, you look too pretty to be dating one, especially me. If I was dating you, I would have to brag about it a little because you have to be the prettiest girl in the school, right Cool-Slice?” Cool-Slice says “After Kimberly she would be.” Russell looks at Cool-Slice and says “What?! Is you dating her or something?” Cool-Slice says “A matter of fact, I am as of right now.” Then he laughs, Russell laughs, then says “Well to me you the prettiest girl in the school. Can you be my girlfriend?” Ciara says “So Kimberly do you think I should make him my boyfriend?” Kimberly says “Yeah, if you like him too.” Ciara says “He’s cute.” Russell says “Thank you, but I think you prettier than me though.” Ciara says “What you going to do to keep me as your girlfriend?” Russell says “Everything that I could do. I’ll please you from head to toe.” Ciara looks at Kimberly, then Milian, then says “Hmmm… What you think Milli?” Milian says “He sounds like a keeper.” Russell says “I am a keeper.” Ciara says “Okay, so what you going to do for me first as my boyfriend?” Russell says “What you want me to do?” Ciara says “Surprise me.” Russell says “Well… I was thinking about what you could represent with your fighting thing, you should see if you could represent the school.” Ciara says “That’s a good idea, but I got’s to ask Mr. Adam about that when I seem him tomorrow.” Cool-Slice says “We have to go to football practice, so Kimberly can I have a kiss?” Kimberly smiles, then laughs a little bit, then says “Sure.” Cool-Slice says “Okay.” Then kisses her. Russell looks at Ciara and says “Can I have a kiss too?” Ciara says “Yeah, we in school, so you could give me one on my cheeks.” Milian says “That’s so cute with y’all two, so anyway we have to go to cheerleading practice, we’ll see y’all later.” Cool-Slice and Russell walks off to practice. Kimberly says “Hey Ciara, come with us to practice.” Ciara says “Oohhh brother, okay, I’ll watch for a little while.” Then they leave.

The next day, Ciara and Kimberly walking towards their next class and Ciara sees Mr. Adam at the other end of the hallway, then says “Kim, I’ll meet you in class. I have to ask Mr. Adam where to meet him. I don’t know what class we going to meet in.” Kimberly says “Okay.” Ciara jogs over to Mr. Adam and says “Which class are we going to meet in and at what time?” Mr. Adad says “Oh, we going to meet in class room 152 and at 3:30 pm.” Ciara says “Okay.” Then she heads to class. She gets in class and Kimberly says “So what happened?” Ciara says “I got’s to meet him at 3:30 and in classroom 152.” Kimberly says “Do you want me to come with you?” Ciara says “That’s okay, but thanks for asking. I should be good.” The teacher says “No talking while taking a test.

Chapter 3

3:20 pm comes and Ciara enters Mr. Adam class, he says “Good, you arrived just on time. My friend Ezume just came.” Ezume says “So you want to fight in The Wep Tournament?” Ciara says “Yes, it looks like something that I would like to do.” Ezume stands up and says “You do know you’ll be the only girl fight right?” Ciara says “Yeah, I’m cool with that.” Ezume says “Can you do practice on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays?” Ciara says “Yeah.” Ezume says “You’ll need to lose thirty pounds to be able to move fast. Are you okay with wearing weights and working with weights?” Ciara says “Wearing weights? I thought a person could only lift weights.” Ezume says “Yeah, a person can lift weights and also weal clothing that’s kinda heavy as well.” Ciara says “I’m cool with wearing weights within my clothing. I never done that before, but I believe I could do that.” Ezume says “What’s your grades looking like? I ask because you in summer school.” Ciara says “I have a 3.7 GPA, and I’m taking college classes for St. Johns University.” Ezume says “3.7 GPA… That’s good. You need a 2.5 GPA for me to work with you, but you got that covered. On Tuesdays and Thursdays practice will start at 5:00 pm and on Saturdays it’ll start 1 pm. Practice will be at my house, I have a gym there. My address is 757 Fleet Knox Drive. Do you drive?” Ciara says “Yeah.” Ezume says “Today’s Friday, so I’ll see you for practice tomorrow, at 1 pm.” Ciara says “Okay, should I bring anything with me to practice tomorrow?” Ezume says “Wear sweats and sneakers.” Ciara says “Okay.” Then she leaves.

As she walks through the hallways, Russell says “Hey Ciara! How’s everything going?” Ciara turns around and says “Things going well, I start training for fighting tomorrow.” Russell says “That’s good, I hope everything turns out well.” Ciara says “Me too.” Russell says “Where you heading?” Ciara says “I don’t know, I guess home. Why? What you got in mind?” Russell says “Well I don’t got football practice today, coach gave us a day off. I was thinking we could spend some quality time with each other to get to know one another better.” Ciara says “We could do that, where you want to talk?” Russell says “Well… We could go to Fleet Knox Drive Park. I’ll drive.” Ciara says “I’ll drive, you might crash or something while driving. You’ll try to look at me, talk and drive at the same time. I don’t feel like being into any accidents at the moment.” Russell says “You is looking mesmerizing today. And smelling like sexual seduction, maybe you should drive.” Ciara smiles and says “Okay, lets go.” They gets to the park, and sits down on the grass. Ciara looks at Russell and says “Tell me about yourself.” Russell says “I’m the type of guy who would massage your feet and body after a hard day off training. Caress your back with a touch, that sends warm chills down your spine. Then make you a dinner plate, to fatten your belly. Then given you a gentle kiss on your lips, with a slight touch on your hips. To get a glimpse of your smell. You always be smelling good, but that’s what kind of guy I am. I’m romantic and charming.” Ciara says “That’s was nice. You write poetry?” Russell says “I do a little something something.” Ciara smiles, then says “Say some to me, I like poetry.” Russell says “Okay, I’ll see what I could do.” Ciara lays back and places her face in the sun and says “Go ahead, I’m ready now.” Russell says “When I first saw you, I saw you from afar. I got a glimpse and started reminiscing about all the girls that I would never be with, because I was stuck into your beauty, that blew me, the thought of me kissing you stuck in my head. When I got close to you, your scent was pure and true. I knew the sound of your voice saying, I love you, would make my heart pound because I knew my one and only, I’ve truly found. I promise to love you for every moment forever, and where everything else crumbles, I will never…” Ciara sits up and says “Is that written or you speaking from your heart?” Russell says “The second one.”